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The Lincoln County Cyclist is an all inclusive group that is trying to get bicycle rides going for all skill levels. At the moment we have two rides a...

The ride will consist of three groups. We are working towards marking the course, but it has not been done yet. We will leave as close to 6pm as possible. If it is your first time doing the ride, please print out a waiver and bring it with you, or ask an employee for one and we will provide you one BEFORE the start of the ride. We will all leave together for the neutral roll out .


A Group

The A group will typically average 21+mph. The distance will vary depending on the daylight we have. It is a DROP ride. We all know that everyone likes to have fun on the A rides but we want to encourage everyone to keep it just that, FUN. Please be respectful and do not blow through stop signs, red lights, and obey all traffic laws. We do not mind attacks but just keep the FUN factor in check : )

B Group

The B group will be between 17-20 mph average. There will be ONE regrouping point on the ride that will be designated at the start. Please let someone know if it is your first time at the ride. It is a modified no drop ride. This means that as long as you can average within the specified range then you will not get left on the loop.

C Group

The C group will average 16mph and under. It is a NO DROP ride and the loop will depend on who shows up. Please keep in mind that it is still a road bike ride so be prepared with the proper bicycle and equipment. However we want everyone to grow as a cyclist so do not be discouraged if it is your first time out. You will have a blast!

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Saturday: All groups combined

The Saturday ride leaves at 7am sharp. The average speed is between 18-21 mph. We typically do 40 miles and work up to doing 60 once the summer season is in full swing. The route will NOT be marked, and will vary depending on who shows up. Modified NO DROP: as long as you can average within the specified range we will not leave you behind. If it is your first time out with us, please let someone know and we will look out for you. Also, please fill out the waiver and have it ready to go OR inform someone BEFORE the start of the ride and we can get you one.